Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When the guidance is there... run with it!

Last year I finally got the message... 'it's time!'

I had been waiting a long time for my inner guidance to encourage me to open a school.  I had been told a long time ago that this would be a part of my future path.  So I waited and waited... and then out of the blue... or so it seemed in that odd moment... I was told, 'it's time to start your school!'

When deep inner messages come through now, I don't hesitate any more.  This is the way of someone who has questioned everything and finally found nothing left to ask.  So now I TRUST. 
With this attitude I moved forward immediately to do all the research necessary and find the way through a process that took me through government contacts, to web designers, ad designers, accountants, administration work, LSM servers, SCORM software, course development etc.  The list is unbelievable when you are starting a new project!

But, you know you have been listening and acting in the correct direction when you are receiving constant reinforcement from all corners. Suddenly, I had so much enthusiasm around me... then I had more help... and most baffling was when a marvelous student graduate of mine decided to become a funder!  How can you deny timing like that.

So here I am a year later!

The school is ready to open this November 1st, 2013. It went through a series of possible names and finally ended up being called, The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development.
We will be offering online courses for now, until we can rent or purchase a space that ensures proper in-class delivery.  Our new website is at: www.canadiannaturotherapies.com

The courses are soooo in-depth.  I have written deeply insightful material for each course module and hired other teachers to provide equally amazing courses. The school will always be sure to provide only the best quality of courses.

We will begin this November with our first courses:

Reiki Level I
Intuitive Development Level I
Energy Nutrition - Pump Up Your Frequency!
Qi Gong - Daily practice and Warm-ups for Energy Workers
Qi Gong- Sounds of the Organs - for Energy Workers and Their Clients
Energy Therapies (Introduction to) - Principles and Practices

In early 2014 we will have other courses such as:

Reiki Level II
Intuitive Development Level II
Chakra and Aura Awareness for Energy Workers
Crystal Awareness for Energy Workers
Counseling for Energy Workers
and hopefully Crisis Intervention and First Aid for your Energy Practice

In October 2013 we will be on Facebook and in Tone Magazine - Ottawa/Gatineau

Watch for us on the cover of TONE for their November issue.  

We will also be offering our first Spiritual Courses in the community that month as well.  'Be In Your Heart Light Training' will be offered by me and 'Emotional Blueprint Workshops' will be offered by Qi Gong teacher and Reflexologist Deborra Cameron.

The school has gone from 'me' work to 'we' efforts!
So, thanks to everyone who has been involved in recent months!

This is an exciting time as we make Naturotherapies accessible to so many people
who would not have had access before.

Be well and happy!
Share the news if you can.

Much appreciation and affection,
Cheryl :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dance Between Ego and Intuition

Hello Everyone,

Before I present my most recent blog, I want to tell you that it is so great to be back!
My last blog was in August 2010 - much too long!.

And all I have to say about my absence is:  "Wow - do they ever need
faster ambulance service in Gatineau!"  and "I found out the hard
way that you don't have to feel great to enjoy life."  But, it really helps!


The Dance Between Ego and Intuition

It is a common illusion that we “should” relinquish our ego. I too once believed that through my years of meditation practice that I was doing this. It sounded so easy. This is how I was going to get to that place of feeling constant peace, joy and perhaps even bliss.

Thankfully, overtime, the “should” fell away and I became present to “allowing” my ego to dissolve. Nothing dramatic or territorial, just allowing the dissolution of control over my way of being.

We need our ego in this lifetime. We can’t function as human beings without it; certainly not until all people in our world are fully enlightened. The ego is a culmination of thought: good, bad and otherwise. It is the historical messaging center of all that you believe yourself to be. It is the center of all our attachments, the main themes of attachments being; control, security/safety and acceptance.

Placing any attention on releasing the ego simply empowers it to remain present and attentive. It feels recognized and gathers more strength. Consider instead, dancing with it. Allow the flow of the ego to be as it is in this moment today. Just let it be. No battle, no fear, just acceptance. Do this consciously.

Then, breathe in and out deeply for a few moments and allow your observer self to “feel” the openness of a greater awareness arise. Being in the “feeling” of anything ensures that you are being more present and embracing the moment. Once there, the unknown can become more known. Your fears have no hold over you at this time because your thoughts are surrendered.

In this state you are dancing between the ego and your greater awareness, coming through you as Intuition.

Ironically, we are guided by our ego to choose meditation or any number of other practices to bring greater peace to our lives, even if the ego itself is dissolved in the process. This is so because the ego itself cannot differentiate between what you are creating mental noise (chatter) about and the noise itself, it simply wants that noise to be there. It is in fact the noise itself!

It is the part that angers, grieves, attaches to fears and sometimes screams loudly to justify its presence. When this occurs, the ego is then again present to help us choose the path through which we will release these heightened discomforts (attachments). Whatever we feel will make us happy; the ego will want us to participate in, because we will create more mental noise in our attempts to find that happiness. So, on the one hand, the ego participates in the creation of discomfort and on the other, it tries to assist us in dissolution of those discomforts. It just wants to exist.

Once we are in a state of freedom from thought and the discomforts are resolved, we have greater access to the flow of our intuition. When the noise lessens, the intuition begins to trickle through.

This intuition is our essential nature and it is within our essential nature to be both the speaker and the receiver of greater awareness. It is a Sufi understanding that it is through our intuition that we have contact to the source – your inner source – the one source.

As such, intuition is the awareness of all that is, coming to you in the language of your experience, and at a pace that is necessary to support both you and the world at large. You will never be given too much to handle. You will experience what is necessary for self-understanding and what you can do to provide loving responses while participating in the world at large. Because your intuition is a spark of the divine, your inner guidance will come with no ability to cause harm to anyone or anything.

And so the sometimes-challenging dance between the ego and your intuition continues until the moment of your full awakening. The dance will overtime, simply flow with less resistance on the part of the ego. This is because your thoughts will have lessened more and more through your practice of being present and your attachments will have been surrendered, reducing the strength of the ego.

The ego will guide you to your intuition and once in the state of surrender, it will dissolve. There are countless layers of thoughts to dissolve and the ego will not allow all of those to dissolve without creating some additional discomforts for you. So acceptance of the swinging back into attachment with the ego and a lessening of your intuition in those moments is necessary. Continue the dance in awareness of this function and you will more easily swing back into your surrendered state, allowing your intuition to flow again.

This dance is a life commitment and a profoundly beautiful opportunity!

Cheryl Jiala Driskell is an Intuitive Counselor and Energy Therapist, as well as the author of “Awakening Through Insight Intuition.” She also practices and teaches Reiki and Intuitive Development in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. www.intuitivelight.com

Friday, August 20, 2010

When Bad Things Happen or Challenges Must Be Faced...

As you might recall from my earlier blogs, I experience God (Loving Light Source) as a loving energy that hosts all creative potential. As such, when I discuss why difficult challenges occur each day to even the most loving and thoughtful beings, I begin at that place, noting that the next step of that loving energy is the embracing of our human consciousness to use it and transform with it.

There are always going to be higher and lower frequencies within that one potential energy. We, as humans, are responsible as a part of the evolving structure of all universes, to transmute the lower energies through us. In doing so, we experience what would be perceived as negative experiences. Our higher frequencies try to become even higher and so we meet the lower frequencies not only to transform them to higher ones for the good of all, but to raise their vibration level as a part of our personal journey.

When our own frequency meets a lower frequency, the lower one will immediately begin to yield to ours, and at times this will seem to flow with ease, such as the experiences of bumping into someone while walking through the supermarket, or your child spilling their milk and you assisting them in cleaning it up without concern. But, there will be trying times of energy transmutation where your frequencies are asked to raise up significantly and quite quickly.

The crisis of 911 was one of those times when the whole world looked upon chaos and fear to open their hearts and raise their vibration. Even today, if you look to Pakistan and their flooding, your heart may open and raise your vibration, especially if you take action.

What about those moments though that seem personally unbearable? When you’ve lost a loved one, or your house burns down, etc.? How do we explain these moments of crisis and grieving until we can’t bear it?

Some of us will cry out to the source we believe created us and ask it what the hell is going on for us to deserve this. Or, perhaps we will receive it with quiet resignation, but fill ourselves up with suffering until we make ourselves ill.

I can only share with you how I have, overtime, come to manage those times.

I no longer persist in the belief that there is someone other than me to take care of me or that there is a greater being than myself who is watching over me and would allow something horrible to happen to me.

I fully accept, that energy will always act in a specific way. It will always change and recreate opportunities in a frequency beyond the one that I am experiencing in that moment. As such, I know that the next moment will be different and that tomorrow can be better.

I also accept that my life is no more valuable and important than the person’s next door. I can be as imprudent at times as the next person and yet equally as capable of changing my circumstances by changing a thought or making a decision and using my will to move it forward.

I accept that life has a flow and a balance to create. I can flow with the energy that we view as life and participate in that balance by being a witness instead of attaching to what I had and wanted to hold onto. Or I can fight against change and the potential that this obstacle is calling me to run with, leaving myself stuck again.

If bad things were to continue to occur around me, I would ask myself what I am perceiving about myself and my environment that would allow me to see all things as being disproportionate to my inner desires. Then I would ask myself why I was not creating positive outcomes if my desires seemed to be positive? I would then change various thoughts and take action to make my life become more positive by recognizing that my consciousness can create with the potential loving energy of the all that is.

Today I might say: Loving Source, I choose to open my heart for love to flow freely through and allow all good vibration to reside within my being and my environment.

Then, when I feel the surrender, I can cry or smile, and take the next step in allowing love to flow through me in awareness that all light (as energy vibration) can shine through for the good of all.

Enough for now!

Love, Cheryl

Friday, August 6, 2010

Absolute Openness

Absolute Openness

I have received some fascinating comments about my last blog and I thank each of you for having taken the time to not only read what I wrote, but for looking deeper within yourself. In this way you will come to new understandings, increase your vibration, and help make this lifetime ever more significant for yourself and the whole.

I am going to begin by addressing one comment I had that I found very valuable. One of my friends noted that “sin” for her only occurred in the absence of efforts to connect to God. I heard this as the understanding that there are times when we are out of flow with the energy of the truth, love, or creator, etc... Indeed, there is an absence of opening to your greater consciousness at these times. A simple example of this is when you choose to argue with someone when you have been asked to stop and reason instead. At those times, you are indeed out of flow.

My use of the word “sin” is to support the new understanding that there has never been a “SIN”. So many individuals are fearful of this word, so I wanted to show them that there is nothing to fear – that there has never actually been a “sin”.

All that we are and do in each moment is exactly as it was meant to be. The energy force that supports you as you are now, is inviting you to look beyond where you are and explore other possibilities that will allow you to heighten your energy and expand your consciousness in the moment that it is necessary. Each mistake, each fear, each persistent habit and on, asks you to explore your world in this way. When you know better, you can do better, as Maya Angelou has been known to say.

I would like to follow up with my next step by noting the concept that I have begun writing about, called Absolute Openness. As many people know, I don’t believe in creating walls or barriers to any understanding, so “Absolute” is a pretty stirring word for me. I chose it as a reflection of completeness without exception.

Let me elaborate…

I have been watching a half a dozen spiritual speakers online recently. They each share many valuable insights with their viewers. I was saddened to hear that one of them, who seems to speak and act with great reason, has been significantly condemned by others who would call themselves either spiritual seekers or even teachers. I was also witness to three teachers in a room insisting that some other types of teachers were completely out to lunch. Not cool folks!

It is very inappropriate for one teacher to be condemning another like that. It is also energetically irresponsible. Is this what we want to teach? Judgment? Insensitivity? Unawareness? Lack of flow?

The energy of the universe is such that is requires countless energetic patterns and vibrations, of its own creation, to move at the speed, and change at the rate that the “whole” energy pattern and vibration can manage. (really sit with this one)

So, the present energy required to ensure balance and consistent healthy re-creation is equal to the experiences of everybody and everything in any given moment. Does this make sense to you? In other words, if I am believing in one perception today, and a year from now I believe in something significantly different, then I need to trust that that is the necessary exchange of energy vibration required to not only show that I am growing, but to ultimately ensure that there is a continued flow and balance of energy and its creation at that time for the whole to remain in balance.

When living with “Absolute Openness”, I am tending to this process consciously. I can remain open to the many perspectives, even if I would choose otherwise, and I can accept that the universe will be responsible for changing the energy patterns when things are out of flow. That may mean that you will either remain neutral, overreact or under react to a given situation. You will respond according to your vibration with the energy response that this is necessary for the whole to maintain balance.

Interestingly, as an example, what appears as an act of compassion is also a translation of the necessary amount of energy transmutation required to maintain the “whole”. Hey, if you get this one, then please write me with your examples!

So, were I to come upon teachers that supported significantly different perceptions than myself, I would open myself to accepting that their way was necessary for them and their students at that time. I would not try to debate with them, because that is not who or where I am at this time. It might however be where you are. So, you then could allow yourself to follow your inner guidance without judgment. Be in the flow of your questioning. This is the key. There is no room for judgment there.

Allow yourself to hear the reasonable reflection of your original creation – stay in the flow with it- and recognize that you are on the path that is necessary for the whole to remain balanced. Feel your way through life by accepting the flow and moving with it through your actions.

Keep in mind the concept of Absolute Openness and see how it affects your life.

More to come…ciao for now!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Do I Exist? July 30th, 2010

Why do I exist?

I have been asking this question internally for so long and have been asked by individuals I have worked with as well. What a challenge to understand the world beyond our common five senses. We couldn’t possibly understand the center of creation without greater self-understanding. I have had to use my additional senses of clairaudience and claircognizance to even get close to a new perception of why we are here upon this earth. From here I believe I have begun to access the greater consciousness, where all information resides. There is so much to know and I can only touch the surface for you now, so you can ask even more questions later of your own inner being.

There are many creation stories. There are many ways of seeing the world. Any representation I can provide is only one and is provided through only one filter, so it cannot be absolute. After four decades as a seeker of the truth, I hope I have at least been guided to understandings that are ever more close to the truth of the “all that is.” I always seek to be rational and logical. I am not one for conspiracy theories, or the absoluteness of texts that would seek to predetermine my own world-view. I have read countless views from marvelous teachers and have personally intuited clearer and clearer understandings. Together, these understandings have been formed and they now sit more peacefully within me, (though not complete) knowing I have discarded the words that would seek to promote the power of the few, or sit in fear of any idea of a being who would confine the individual to limited ways of being, perceiving and experiencing. I am not limited in what I have discovered, I am empowered by new understandings each day and ultimately to what I believe is my concept of “Absolute Openness.” (to be explained at another time)

I am first and foremost a being who has always had the need to know everything about everything, ie., how do T.V.’s work, why is the sky blue, how do light bulbs work, why do I feel emotions, what does it mean to love, why do people keep talking about a God, why did Freddie Mercury write a song about Fat Bottomed Girls? Yes, the questions can be serious and sometimes they are just “out there!”  Making me a much more interesting being/partner/friend/teacher – which I’m sure my partner would at least agree to. If not, dinner will be a cold, cold one tonight!

In fact, my partner today pointed out to me the great value of remembering to discuss the meaning of the need to feel a purpose to exist. This essential issue we will tackle in future blogs for sure! Thank-you my love!

Back to asking questions….

My Father is an electrician and inventor…great for a kid like me who wanted to know everything. My first show and tell experiences at school included little electrical circuits where lights and buzzers went off. I was totally engaged until of course I tried to remember how a battery was created and then I thought…how much do I really want to know? Not everything! Certainly not at that point!

Because, if I knew a battery had many components, including acid, I then wanted to know where that compound came from, and then how that was formed, and on and on…an exhausting search would be experienced…and this was before the support of the internet.

But, eventually I did want to know more and more. This is the nature of my original question, “Why do I exist?” which of course eventually led me to the question, “Why do we exist?”

Today, I can impart to you, the beginning of an answer to that question, if only to inspire within you the opening to greater understanding of your self and the all that is…

My present perception stands as the following:

We must first understand that we are a part of a whole universe, indeed a series of universes beyond our imagination. We are a part of a functioning organism that is as much a creature of need as are we.

We exist to believe in the truth – by whichever name you may call it; Creator, Goddess, God, Allah, Brahma, the Tao, Loving Light Source, Loving Universal Energy, Love, etc. In fact, we are compelled to this search through our energetic nature, which is always engaged in growth.

The search for this truth opens us to our heart, both the individual and connected heart. This search is an act of love. So we are created to love and in so doing, manifest even greater love (as continued creation).

The heart is the examining light…it seeks to know…and upon feeling a “knowing” it surrenders itself to the truth (energy/God) and allows our whole being to vibrate more rapidly with greater ease.

The Light within, or that which we see is not real. Only the brain sees light. So, light as we see it is actually essential energy. This energy vibrates and as its frequencies vibrate faster, denser energies are created, leading to many additional creations and the appearance of form.

Essentially the human form (not as a solid entity but as an energy configuration) has become the etheric machine through which all potential can truly be realized!

We are creators!

We are engaged in a cycle of creation and are a part of a multi-universal system that maintains all life by being a component essential to the processing of lower vibrating energies. And to be clearer, we do this by being drawn to seek the truth (energy), in whatever way we have been drawn to do so.

One energy begets the influences of other energies, leading to new creations.

There is no sin, no right, no wrong, no separate you or me…we are functioning as one large organism trying to alter it’s vibration in such a way as to maintain itself and the whole universe and beyond. Therefore all experience is just as it needs to be for the whole universe to be maintained and for the evolutionary energetic process to continue.

We have never sinned…there has simply been a process of sharing and surrendering our energies over and over, in order to secure an evolution of constant organized creation.

OKAY! Wow, too much information eh?!

I have found over time that my work requires me to embrace both spirituality and science to be fully representative of what pours through my awareness. At this time, my spiritual being is asking the questions and longing, self-understanding and science are supporting the answers.

That was part one. I invite your comments and questions in the comment box. If you can’t find that box, have a look at the upper right corner of this page and see if you can POST something to me. If you can’t find that, please email me at cdriskell333@gmail.com

Thank-you for your time! See you next week!

Cheryl Jiala Driskell
Ottawa-Gatineau Canada

Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to Cheryl Jiala's Blog

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog, ever!
I am looking forward to arriving at this page periodic Fridays, to note interesting
topics related to everyday perceptions, spirituality, intuition, energy/vibrational therapies,
family and friendship, longing, love and light, sexuality and the cosmos, etc.

I welcome you to ask questions. I will open myself up to the awareness that
I can aspire to in that moment and provide whatever insights flow through.

This Friday ahead, I will answer the question, why do I exist at all?
The answer may surprise you!

Looking forward to our correspondence...

With an open heart,
Cheryl Jiala Driskell